Embrace the allure of ultimate quiet luxury with this stunning ring, meticulously crafted in 18ct white gold and adorned with brilliant-cut diamond. Its captivating beauty lies in the seamless blend of simplicity, intricate texturing, and the glistening diamond-encrusted grain, creating a harmonious visual symphony. The ring gracefully and quietly captivates in any setting, whether it’s a sunlit day or an intimate evening. Immerse yourself in a world of quiet luxury, where the mesmerising sparkle leaves a lasting impression. Discover the timeless elegance of “less is more” with this exquisite ring.

18ct gold, diamond (.06ctw)

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The technical details of this particular white gold are interesting. The white gold grains have a high palladium content: this makes them whiter than 18-carat gold, and also much more expensive. The palladium is iridium-refined to minimise porosity, and as such, these grains do not need rhodium plating and are nickel-free.


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