Humanity, motion and emotion, and nature, all inspire me with their wild beauty and raw grace. Landscapes of deep silences, rough textures, fragmented hoarse and soft sounds, are the backdrop to my thinking, and become transmuted into the distinctive forms of my jewellery.

My jewellery opens a door into another world, full of silence and sounds from nature. It draws nature into your life. Unrefined, but at the same time delicate pieces become your story, with nostalgic notes of an untouched world. Silver and 18 carat gold, transformed through skill and design, to reflect your nature and freedom in my jewellery. Wild landscape and raw natural beauty, transmuted into the uniqueness of each piece – necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. And every single one is different; no two are alike.

  •  Are you a woman of wild grace and subtle beauty?
  • Do you appreciate comfort, quality and individuality?
  • Are you the one who pays special attention to detail?

If so my jewellery is designed especially for you.

You appreciate delicate jewellery: handmade, individual, wearable pieces of art. You are passionate and original individuals whose wildness and natural grace are enhanced by jewellery that resonates with your own unique style. In this busy, noisy world, this is what you need to calm you and bring you back to your core.


I always knew I would be an artist even when I was little and didn’t really know what art was. Although I was brought up in a large town in Lithuania, as a child we often went to the woods and lakes, where the textures and shapes of stones, moss, wood, enchanted me. I always took something back home with me like a piece of tree bark, or moss, a stone or a pine cone to remind me of that special moment. The hardest thing was to find my art speciality, as I was into everything – painting, photography, calligraphy, interior design etc. until I found that perfect fit – jewellery as an art form. Then I knew I would be a jewellery artist, working with precious metals. I found that exceptional something I had looked for all my life.

I studied first in art school in Lithuania. My skills in jewellery design come from my studies at the Lithuania National Arts Academy where I received my professional degree in Jewellery in 2012. I now have my own studio and fully equipped workshop in Brightwalton, in Berkshire, UK.


Finishing on an patinated surface makes my work unique. I create a glossy, shiny or smoky finish: it produces pleasing contrasts.

My work is detailed – I like the microscopic view rather than the panoramic. Although smooth and beautifully finished, the pieces speak of the natural textures wrought by earth and fire, of lava and glass-smooth molten flows of metal.

Raw nature and the silence of the vastness provide me with inspiration. In my UK workshop, those great wildernesses are condensed, recreated and wrought into unique jewels of exquisite beauty.