I always knew I would be an artist even when I was little and didn’t really know what art was. It took time to find my specialty. When I discovered jewellery as an art form I instinctively knew it was a perfect fit: I would be a jeweller, working with precious metals. I had found that exceptional thing that engrosses and fires me.

I received my professional degree in Jewellery in 2012 from the Lithuania National Arts Academy. Now I have my own studio and fully equipped workshop in Cornwall, UK, where I have developed and refined my techniques and unique style. Finding the right way to express my understanding of beauty and to translate the language of landscape and nature into jewellery has been an incredible journey.


I create jewellery that is calm, subtle, refined, comfortable to wear, unique and beautiful. Starting with silver and 18 carat gold , using patination and etching techniques that alter the surface colour and texture of these metals I create fine jewellery in black and gold; matt black patinated etched silver, contrasting with gleaming highly polished 18 carat raw gold grains. To further enhance its exclusivity and luxury, I adorn these pieces with brilliant, sparkling diamonds, adding a quiet yet dazzling finishing touch, a touch of quiet luxury. This creative process is an exciting exploration of materials, seamlessly integrating design with my profound love for nature and beauty.



Before something is made I spend a lot of time on research, designing the process to ensure the jewellery will be comfortable to wear. My designs distil myriad sights, textures, feelings and sounds, into the jewellery that speak of the things that move me most. Humanity, motion and emotion, and nature, all inspire me with their wild beauty and raw grace. Landscapes of deep silences, rough textures, fragmented hoarse and soft sounds, are the backdrop to my thinking, and become transmuted into the distinctive forms of my jewellery.

In my way of constantly improving my Limited Editions, I am making One-of-AKind pieces: each piece individual and of course hand made. So each piece resonates with a place I have been, or with my take on beauty. The gold grains I use are all different; the surfaces of the etched silver are always different, the colour of the patination is distinctive, and the brushed finish on a patinated surface is always unusual. Like people and landscape, each piece is totally individual, unique. There is a contrast and individuality within each piece. Although smooth and beautifully finished, the pieces speak of the natural textures wrought by earth and fire, of lava and glass-smooth molten flows of metal.



Raw nature and the silence of the vastness provide me with inspiration. In my UK workshop, those great wildernesses are condensed, recreated and wrought into unique jewels of exquisite beauty.