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Bursting With Excitement ~

Bursting With Excitement ~

To Dream the Impossible Dream……..

I meant to write this post a few months ago now… I had a dream which seemed to be impossible and yet became a reality in just 24 hours because of all of you brilliant and supportive people. I’d had a great offer…… yet it seemed to be impossible… and then I just tried the last thing before I had to say no… I am so happy, so grateful, and so SO overwhelmed with all the support, your purchases and the messages I received…


which I hope will bring more opportunities and will help me to grow. I believe it’s happening already: I’ve already started to panic as there’s so much to do: not just the fun part – designing and making – but also lots of admin and legal stuff such as insurances, export etc. which I really don’t enjoy!

For those who don’t know me, I am designer, artist and maker of your jewellery; everything is designed and made by me alone. I am also a mum of two wonderful children who try to bring some balance into my life/work/family. So not only have you helped me to create more beauty and give what I believe is the best I can, but also you’ve helped me to give more to my children. I mean not just in making their toy dreams a reality, but the most importantly in showing that if you live your dream long enough, never give up, then one day everything becomes possible and somehow the whole world gets lined up to help you to do it. Now I really feel that I am living the dream I had since I was a little girl. Of course, it’s not that pink and sparkly as it sounds, because there’s the other side to it as well!  I didn’t know I would work that much; didn’t know I could feel that exhausted so often, but, it was my dream, and I am living it. I’m not sure I‘ll ever feel like I have “arrived” to my destination but that what life is about isn’t it – the journey – the never-ending process and improvement.

I feel so happy and grateful for all of you, my lovely customers. Thank you to my loyal customers; thank you for those who bought from me for the first time ever. I didn’t know I have so many of you, thank you. At the same time with happiness and gratefulness comes even bigger responsibility than ever before. Realising how many of you invest in my work, in my creativity I feel a huge responsibility to offer more, to offer the best you can find and to receive the best service possible. I hope you already know that I offer –

•Free shipping
•100 day returns
•Free lifetime warranty
•Free Cleaning & Renewing

*** some limitations apply.

Exciting News ~

From now on I am hoping to help you with buying by offering flexible payment methods. I offer a possibility to pay with –

•PayPal pay in 3
•PayPal pay later

New Rings ~

I’m so excited I’m making these new rings and can share some pictures with you. Some of them are already available online, some will be soon! If you are interested in any of them, please email! I love receiving emails and am always happy to answer to any questions you may have and help in any way I can!

Upcoming event

Goldsmiths North | 7-9th July
Cutlers Hall, 7-15 Church St, Sheffiel S1 1HG

I am very excited to show my work for the first time ever at Goldsmiths North. It is an annual summer fair and shopping experience bringing the finest contemporary Silverware & Jewellery to the North of England, hosted in the magnificent Cutlers’ Hall in the heart of Sheffield.

Goldsmith North exhibitors are all independent makers at the top of their game and represent some of the best, most interesting and highest quality work being made in the industry today.

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