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Cornwall Coast Running Adventure 2024

Cornwall Coast Running Adventure 2024

Celebrating our recent move to Cornwall, I’ve embarked on an epic adventure: running the entire west Cornwall coast. Setting off from Marshland Mouth and aiming for Penzance, I’ll traverse 149.5 miles of breathtaking terrain.

On my inaugural run last Sunday, I kicked off at Marshland Mouth with the intention of covering about 12km. However, fueled by excitement, I found myself exploring every path, ultimately completing nearly 17km, ending at Bude sea pool. Despite my experience running 100km a month for three years, tackling this route revealed its true challenges. The weather, starting fair but turning to pouring rain, made navigating the muddy, slippery paths a true test. Yet, amidst the dreary skies emerged moments of stunning beauty.

As I ventured along the route, encountering its hilly terrain, each ascent and descent presented its own unique challenge. Some paths were narrow and treacherous, while others demanded careful footing to avoid slipping. Despite the physical strain, the views from the cliffs overlooking the beach and valley were simply breathtaking.

Notable highlights included the dramatic coastline near Morwenstow, the serene Coombe valley leading to Duckpool beach, and the lush greenery from Kilkhampton to Bude. Arriving at Bude sea pool, exhaustion had set in, overshadowing the earlier excitement. Even the rejuvenating waters provided temporary relief.

Reflecting on the experience, I realize the need for better preparation and healthier habits. Nonetheless, the journey has been a remarkable one, offering glimpses of Cornwall’s natural beauty and rugged charm.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Bude before? This charming coastal town, with its historic Bude Sea Pool, offers a unique opportunity for wild swimming along the Atlantic Ocean’s edge.

I’m documenting my 2024’s Big Run journey on Instagram, sharing the stunning vistas and personal insights along the way. Join me in my Instagram stories, and feel free to share any feedback or requests for additional content. Stay tuned for more updates, including newsletters and blog posts detailing this extraordinary adventure.


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Unveiling 2023: Reflecting and Welcoming 2024

Unveiling 2023: Reflecting and Welcoming 2024

As we say goodbye to 2023, looking back, I find myself immersed in a year of ups and downs. Starting the year with the goal of surpassing 2022, I felt a bit uneasy at first. Despite the uncertainties, the year turned out to be a mix of accomplishments.

I ran 1200km again this year, and to cap it off, I took a plunge into the Bude sea pool—a tradition I am starting to uphold since moving to Cornwall.

In my journey in the world of jewelry, I presented my creations at Melee the Show in New York City—a dream that had seemed distant for a long time. Thanks to your unwavering support, it became a reality.

Unexpectedly, life picked up pace, bringing a whirlwind of moments from Edinburgh to the bustling energy of the USA.

Amidst it all, I took moments to pause and appreciate—the scent of accomplishment, the touch of family bonds, and the taste of shared moments.

Traditions like reviewing the year through photographs unfolded, though this time it was challenging due to the abundance of memories.

Now, on the eve of a new chapter, friends are joining the celebration. As I plan for what’s next, I’m eager to bring new ideas to life.

Your feedback has always been valuable. As the clock ticks towards a new year, I wish you a joyous New Year’s Eve and a 2024 filled with unique moments.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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A Festive Journey and Christmas Wishes

A Festive Journey and Christmas Wishes

Lately, I’ve been quite distant from writing newsletters, but I’m eager to unfold the tale in my upcoming pre-New Year’s piece.

Despite my newsletter silence, Instagram has been a vibrant canvas showcasing my journey, especially my recent move to the beautiful Cornwall. There, I’ve shared the hues of my joy and shadows of challenges, creating a canvas painted with the essence of my journey. To those curious for glimpses into my inspirations and the kaleidoscope of my life, I invite you to follow me at Agneta Bugyte Jewellery.

Finding joy in the art of expression, I delight in weaving stories around thoughts, emotions, and the myriad inspirations shaping my existence. I hope this journey through my musings resonates with you, capturing the very essence of my being.

Now, this note, initially intended to be brief, takes a delightful detour into a wish. Picture this enchanting season unfolding before you: silver snowflakes twirling in the crisp air, festive cheer radiating warmth akin to golden hues. Envision sparkles, reminiscent of dancing diamonds, creating a symphony of brilliance around you.

In this moment of reflection, I extend my deepest gratitude for the gleam you add to my journey. May your Christmas be wrapped in the magic we share, a passion for exquisite beauty that binds us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may it be as vibrant and splendid as the stories we weave together.


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Elements Festival


I’m delighted to share that I will be showcasing a collection of my new work at the ninth edition of Elements, Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold in Edinburgh.

This exciting event will take place in the stunning Edinburgh showroom of Lyon & Turnbull Auctioneers from 27-29 October 2023. The event will be open to the public during these dates, with entry available from 11am to 4pm. Drop in and shop a stunning array of jewelry and silver. Additionally, I have a select number of free tickets for the VIP Private View and Cocktail Evenings. Scroll down for further details.


ELEMENTS FESTIVAL | 27 – 29 October
Fri – Sun, 11am – 4pm
Lyon & Turnbull, 33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3RR

£5 Entry Fee 



RSVPs for the Private View and Cocktail Night are managed through Eventbrite.
Please email to request your invitation and Eventbrite link (Exclusive for Email Subscribers and Customers only).

Please note that these events are invitation-only, and spaces are limited. RSVPs will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t delay; if you’d like to attend this beautiful event, email me now to request your invitation!

VIP PRIVATE VIEW | 26 October, 6 – 8pm
COCKTAIL NIGHT | 27 October, 6 – 8pm


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Bursting With Excitement ~

Bursting With Excitement ~

To Dream the Impossible Dream……..

I meant to write this post a few months ago now… I had a dream which seemed to be impossible and yet became a reality in just 24 hours because of all of you brilliant and supportive people. I’d had a great offer…… yet it seemed to be impossible… and then I just tried the last thing before I had to say no… I am so happy, so grateful, and so SO overwhelmed with all the support, your purchases and the messages I received…


which I hope will bring more opportunities and will help me to grow. I believe it’s happening already: I’ve already started to panic as there’s so much to do: not just the fun part – designing and making – but also lots of admin and legal stuff such as insurances, export etc. which I really don’t enjoy!

For those who don’t know me, I am designer, artist and maker of your jewellery; everything is designed and made by me alone. I am also a mum of two wonderful children who try to bring some balance into my life/work/family. So not only have you helped me to create more beauty and give what I believe is the best I can, but also you’ve helped me to give more to my children. I mean not just in making their toy dreams a reality, but the most importantly in showing that if you live your dream long enough, never give up, then one day everything becomes possible and somehow the whole world gets lined up to help you to do it. Now I really feel that I am living the dream I had since I was a little girl. Of course, it’s not that pink and sparkly as it sounds, because there’s the other side to it as well!  I didn’t know I would work that much; didn’t know I could feel that exhausted so often, but, it was my dream, and I am living it. I’m not sure I‘ll ever feel like I have “arrived” to my destination but that what life is about isn’t it – the journey – the never-ending process and improvement.

I feel so happy and grateful for all of you, my lovely customers. Thank you to my loyal customers; thank you for those who bought from me for the first time ever. I didn’t know I have so many of you, thank you. At the same time with happiness and gratefulness comes even bigger responsibility than ever before. Realising how many of you invest in my work, in my creativity I feel a huge responsibility to offer more, to offer the best you can find and to receive the best service possible. I hope you already know that I offer –

•Free shipping
•100 day returns
•Free lifetime warranty
•Free Cleaning & Renewing

*** some limitations apply.

Exciting News ~

From now on I am hoping to help you with buying by offering flexible payment methods. I offer a possibility to pay with –

•PayPal pay in 3
•PayPal pay later

New Rings ~

I’m so excited I’m making these new rings and can share some pictures with you. Some of them are already available online, some will be soon! If you are interested in any of them, please email! I love receiving emails and am always happy to answer to any questions you may have and help in any way I can!

Upcoming event

Goldsmiths North | 7-9th July
Cutlers Hall, 7-15 Church St, Sheffiel S1 1HG

I am very excited to show my work for the first time ever at Goldsmiths North. It is an annual summer fair and shopping experience bringing the finest contemporary Silverware & Jewellery to the North of England, hosted in the magnificent Cutlers’ Hall in the heart of Sheffield.

Goldsmith North exhibitors are all independent makers at the top of their game and represent some of the best, most interesting and highest quality work being made in the industry today.

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Gold Friday and Christmas Delivery Dates

My Gold Friday gift for you ~

Many businesses offer a discount on ‘Black’ Friday, yet we also know how much prices have increased recently on everything… I haven’t increased my prices al all but due to the increased price of materials – precious metals, diamonds used in my work, packaging, services like hallmarking etc., to be able to deliver the same service and the same high quality from 25th December all work will have an increase of 20% on the price reported on the online shop now with effect from 25th of December.

So if you ever dreamed about one of my pieces now is the best time to buy or commission work (if you commission a bespoke piece of jewellery up until 25th December you will pay the old price without an increase).


Commissioned pieces take three weeks to make: please be sure to order in time. The latest order date for made-to-order pieces for CHRISTMAS delivery is Wednesday 30th November.

My last day for posting CHRISTMAS orders of available ready-made jewellery is Wednesday 21st December. If you need something for a specific date please contact me, as I may be able to prioritise your order.

(It is all about UK delivery!)

Please contact me for Europe & International delivery queries.


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Apologies for breaking my promise ~

Apologies for breaking my promise ~

First of all I would like to apologise for breaking my promise. I said I would send a newsletter in a month or two and I haven’t sent one for quite a few months now.

It’s been a crazy year: it all started with the MAD About Jewellery Exhibition in New York. I worked six or seven days a week to prepare for the event which went really well. When I came back I continued to work hard on all the commissions. Thank you for keeping me so busy. I love what I do, and I feel like I am living my purpose when creating and making jewellery which I see “continuing to live its life on you”. 

In summer I had more time off work than I was originally planning … lots of time with my family, seeing relatives and friends.

When I was about to start preparing for the upcoming events later this year, we decided to make my daughter’s dream a reality… After 2 years of her asking every single day for a puppy, we have bought one, a beautiful little white wolf. I, being very thoughtful about everything read a lot about having a dog, training, exercise needs, characteristics of the particular breed we were about to buy ~ but I missed reading all about having a puppy. And I must say it’s been quite challenging to do anything but “puppy”… so, lots of slow time which I really struggle to enjoy… I am so much used to running that I have somehow to learn how to slow down, stop.

Well at least it is getting easier now, and I have been able to come back to doing what I love the most. I love to create these little pieces of jewellery; they carry such emotion and deep meaning and are really nice to gift. They have wonderful power to help us feel confident.

Upcoming events

Thu, 13 Oct 2022, 18:00 – Sun, 16 Oct 2022, 16:00
Victoria Baths, Manchester

Don’t miss the largest and most established selling event for contemporary craft in the North!
Now in its 15th year, the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2022 sees the return of 200 of the UK’s finest makers to Victoria Baths, Manchester’s iconic heritage attraction. Buy unique, handmade, made-to-last pieces for you and your home direct from the maker, or perhaps commission something special. Exhibitors have been carefully selected for the quality of their work and to showcase a variety of craft with glass, jewellery, interior and fashion textiles, ceramics, prints, furniture, lighting & more.

As well as an on-site cafe, the stunning Edwardian-tiled interior will also be the backdrop for installations and workshops and, new for 2022, GREENGRADS, a selling exhibition of UK graduates engaging with eco-issues.


Lyon & Turnbull 33 Broughton Place Edinburgh EH1 3RR

Elements returns for 2022, bringing together forty-six of the UK’s finest Jewellers and Silversmiths for a selling fair, exhibition and series of events at the stunning showroom of Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh. From silver vases glittering with flecks of gold, to colourful, three-dimensional sculptural jewellery, Elements celebrates the vast range of expert craftsmanship and innovative design of makers from across the UK.

For the first time, award-winning work from the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council (GC&DC) Competition, will be showcased in Scotland at Elements. The exhibition will feature a beautiful selection of work by some of the UK’s most renowned designers and craftspeople, alongside a display of drawings and jewels to celebrate the vision, skill and extraordinary legacy of GC&DC Lifetime Achievement Award winner, the late Dorothy Hogg MBE, on loan from The Goldsmiths’ Company Collection.

New Stockists


33 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5NH, UK


The Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle 
New York, NY 10019, USA

Recent commissions


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RE:FINE, The Store at MAD, NY

RE:FINE Redefining Fine Jewelry

This marks The Store at MAD’s eight seasonal RE:FINE launch event. In these-ever changing times to be able to come together and celebrate creativity and beauty is what RE:FINE’s opening evenings is about.

The Store is the only museum store in the world making a serious commitment to selling Fine Jewelry. With Jewelry at the museum’s core DNA, what better place than The Store at MAD for RE:FINE to live.

RE:FINE is the event of the jewelry that is dynamic, timeless, and responsive to the shifting aesthetics of our contemporary lives. I am thrilled to take part in this year’s RE:FINE event, making an mark on the jewelry world by challenging the conventions of what Fine Jewelry means today. All participating artists works in high carat gold, the highest quality silver, and unique gemstones. Jewelry made to last generations. Press here to browse the Lookbook.

Hope you can visit RE:FINE Spring 2022’s Opening Cocktail and shopping evening.


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MAD About Jewelry, NY

MAD About Jewelry

I am excited to announce that I will be presenting my designs alongside over 40 emerging and acclaimed international jewelry artists at the Museum of Arts and Design’s MAD About Jewelry from April 27– 30. 

MAD About Jewelry is the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary, artist-made jewelry, where collectors and jewelry enthusiasts have the rare opportunity to meet and acquire pieces from some of the most innovative creators in the field. The event kicks-off with an opening benefit dinner on April 26, followed by public sale days from April 27– 30. 

Museum of Arts and Design 

Learn More 

If you are in New York City, I hope you will join me for MAD About Jewelry. For a behind the scenes look at the event follow the hashtag #MADAboutJewelry on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 



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20 Days of Christmas Giving


20 Days of Christmas Giving

As always, I am focusing on how to improve, how to do more and what more can I possibly give to you.  In December I have decided to do something very special and exciting. I have decided to give a unique discount for 20 consecutive days to make your Christmas more special than ever before. 

So starting on 1st December and finishing on 20th December every day at 12 o’clock I will post a piece on Instagram that will have a discount for that particular day only. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you are not already, to make sure you don’t miss it.

There will be 20 pieces to choose from, both from my new collections and archive pieces. Bear in mind that only one piece will be available on most days so if you want it, make sure you send me a private message on Instagram with your email address, and the name and address that you want your jewellery to be shipped to straight away, to be the first one and to avoid disappointment. 

It will be a perfect opportunity for you to buy yourself something very special or surprise a special person in your life with a beautiful gift lasting a lifetime. The gift will come gorgeously packed, as always, and with a luxurious bag ready to go under the Christmas tree.

Wishing you all the luck finding a Perfect Christmas Present.


Included with every purchase – 

•Free shipping

•100 days returns

•Free lifetime warranty

•Free Cleaning & Renewing


New Stockist

A collection of my jewellery is now available at SH Jewellery Gallery in Edinburgh’s Morningside.


Bryna Pomp Picks

Thrilled to have my Dark Gleam Diamond Bangle selected by Bryna Pomp director of MAD About Jewellery in the Museum of  Arts and Design, New York, as one of her top five pieces in Elements 2021.



Believe in your dreams: this is how the life should begin…

As I have two children I know what Christmas means to them… I know the joy they feel when they unpack presents; I know how much they wait for Father Christmas and it breaks my heart to think that some disadvantaged children don’t get to experience this great joy… I think it is very important to believe in your dreams and this is how our life should begin – that everything is possible if we really want it.

This year I want to help again the charity called BEYOND THE BOW to bring Christmas gifts to children in need.

So I have decided to gift 20% of the purchases you make until 3rd December to disadvantaged children.

So if you were dreaming about one of my beautifully made pieces now is the great time, you not only treat yourself and support my business, but also give hope to a disadvantaged children – that all their dreams may come true.



Commissioned pieces take three weeks to make: please be sure to order in time. The latest order date for made-to-order pieces for CHRISTMAS delivery is Friday 29th November.

My last day for posting CHRISTMAS orders of available ready-made jewellery is Friday 20th December. If you need something for a specific date please contact me, as I may be able to prioritise your order.

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