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Cornwall Coast Running Adventure 2024

Cornwall Coast Running Adventure 2024

Celebrating our recent move to Cornwall, I’ve embarked on an epic adventure: running the entire west Cornwall coast. Setting off from Marshland Mouth and aiming for Penzance, I’ll traverse 149.5 miles of breathtaking terrain.

On my inaugural run last Sunday, I kicked off at Marshland Mouth with the intention of covering about 12km. However, fueled by excitement, I found myself exploring every path, ultimately completing nearly 17km, ending at Bude sea pool. Despite my experience running 100km a month for three years, tackling this route revealed its true challenges. The weather, starting fair but turning to pouring rain, made navigating the muddy, slippery paths a true test. Yet, amidst the dreary skies emerged moments of stunning beauty.

As I ventured along the route, encountering its hilly terrain, each ascent and descent presented its own unique challenge. Some paths were narrow and treacherous, while others demanded careful footing to avoid slipping. Despite the physical strain, the views from the cliffs overlooking the beach and valley were simply breathtaking.

Notable highlights included the dramatic coastline near Morwenstow, the serene Coombe valley leading to Duckpool beach, and the lush greenery from Kilkhampton to Bude. Arriving at Bude sea pool, exhaustion had set in, overshadowing the earlier excitement. Even the rejuvenating waters provided temporary relief.

Reflecting on the experience, I realize the need for better preparation and healthier habits. Nonetheless, the journey has been a remarkable one, offering glimpses of Cornwall’s natural beauty and rugged charm.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Bude before? This charming coastal town, with its historic Bude Sea Pool, offers a unique opportunity for wild swimming along the Atlantic Ocean’s edge.

I’m documenting my 2024’s Big Run journey on Instagram, sharing the stunning vistas and personal insights along the way. Join me in my Instagram stories, and feel free to share any feedback or requests for additional content. Stay tuned for more updates, including newsletters and blog posts detailing this extraordinary adventure.