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Limited Edition – Seeking Perfection


Limited Edition – Seeking Perfection

One of a kind vs limited edition


One-of-a-kind describes a piece of jewellery that is unlike any other. It is used to describe a product that is the only one of its type. It is unique.

Limited Edition describes the pieces I make: a few pieces, each of which is different, and that will only be made for a certain amount of time.

I come from an art background and training, and was made to believe that an artist should be full of ideas, and should create only one of a kind pieces. All creativity should go into this one object.
However, my preferred method is about going a lot deeper into making one product, being a lot more specific and concentrating a lot more. This way I will have a lot more time to purify one specific piece, researching the design, the comfort, and the look and feel of it. I am anxious not to stop there, but to await feedback and comments and incorporate this into another version.

I am a perfectionist, and the way it is for me, something is never just ‘okay’. It has to be better. I choose to improve every product, to make it better each time I make it, because every single piece is made individually.
I choose to add value through quality.
Before something is made I spend a lot of time on research, designing the process to ensure the jewellery will be comfortable to wear, all the roughness smoothed away, so it feels lovely to the touch and won’t snag in hair or clothing.
In my way of constantly improving my Limited Editions, I am still making One-of-A-Kind pieces – the gold grains are all different, the colour of the patination is always different, the brushed finish on a patinated surface is always different. Each piece is totally individual, unique.


ONE-OF-A-KIND – it’s great it makes you feel special, because you are the only one who owns it.
LIMITED EDITION – You are one of the few people owning a piece. And it’s unique! There will be no other exactly the same as yours. The design and development processes have been constantly refined, resulting in several individual, but disparate, pieces.


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