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New Collection


New Collection

In the millennial way a glacier grazes its way through a landscape, etching rocks, tumbling stones to glassy smoothness, inscribing its signature across time and place, so my new collection is distilled.
As forever, I am inspired by the wild beauty and raw grace of landscape written by the elements, wind, rain, fire and ice.
And so my new collection, into which I have poured everything I had, is a limited edition of, to my mind, pure perfection and grace.



My materials are smooth shining 18-carat nubs of gold grains, which contrast against black patinated silver. The techniques used to create the texturing or etching of the silver rods is immensely subtle, demanding time, patience, and knowing exactly the right moment to proceed both for the design and the process. These techniques need to be repeated several times. The result is delicate and unique; gold grains glowing against patinated black silver, just as the evening sea gleams against rough cliffs.

Feel your way into this new collection ~ and feel comfortable in your own skin.





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