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I would be grateful if you could help me


I would be grateful if you could help me


So while most people have had more quiet time than usual I been very busy, busy as never before, working on all my goals. Working on forming them into reality. I have decided that NOW, in these unpredictable times, is the best time ever to do everything I was thinking and dreaming of for some time. I am so excited to share all the exciting news with you about what I’ve been up to – just to mention one thing – some even finer pieces with diamonds to complete my collection. I have been working harder than ever on refining and improving. In my ‘to do’ list I had written that I want to offer more to my customers, so I hope you will be as excited as I am to see what I will have to offer for both men and women. But about all the exciting news a bit later, in my next newsletter.




I have been thinking a lot. I would like somehow to give more. I wondered if you might give me some ideas – what could I do better, what more I could offer/give? Whatever it might be – range of products, delivery costs, returns, warranty, repair service, whatever really, even if it sounds crazy, please I am really open for any ideas… What stops you (if anything) from buying my beautifully made, refined-to-perfection jewellery? I would be grateful if you email me on with your thoughts.



The last orders are available to buy until 14th August to be posted on 15th August before I take a holiday. Finally I will have some time to spend with my family, experience lots of adventures and enjoy the wonderful summer. I will also learn a new skill and as always work little bit. All the orders after the 14th August will be posted on 8th September. I am sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Look out for my next newsletter with lots of exciting news. In the meantime I want to wish you wonderful weather, a beautiful summer and lots of different experiences to cherish.

P.S. Let me know your ideas on what could I do for you, and how can I give more.



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