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The sparkle hidden in lockdown


The sparkle hidden in lockdown

Isn’t this whole lockdown situation interesting? It cycles us through so many states and emotions. At the beginning I was very calm, and I looked at the opportunity it gave me to work differently, to have more time with my children, as I usually spend many hours each day alone. And that has been wonderful. However now I am beginning to feel the impact of the negative side of lockdown, in the way it has cut across my great dreams and my plan of showing at the Elite London event this year. Many other exhibitions have been cancelled, and I have to admit to huge disappointment that my investment and hard work have come to nothing for me. I always get a buzz from those full-on events where I would see thousands of people, and many other skilled makers. It is such a pleasure to see people trying on my work, people with different skin tones, wearing different outfits; when it’s possible to see my work from a different angle, like with new eyes. Sure it’s exhausting afterwards, but all those conversations, all that excitement – it buoys me up for further development, new angles, new finishes. I’d come home fizzing with ideas. So I’ve missed all of that, and have had to dig deep to find the invigoration of those exhibitions and connections.

Never one to waste an opportunity, I’ve used the time to distil my new design ideas, and even more exciting, to upgrade my way into some deeper skills involved in stone setting. I’ve always set stones, and have now invested in making my own tools – they are called pushers and burnishers – and a microscope in order to set very small diamonds. This is as exciting as the flash and glint they give when they catch the light – so for me this is the enlightening side of lockdown!



I also want to share just a few pieces I’ve made recently, jewels of patinated silver, white gold and diamonds. Keep your eyes open – they will soon land in my website. In the meantime if you can’t wait and feel as excited about my new pieces as I am, please do get in touch. I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have, or best of all – I would be delighted to show you my work in person. If you would like to see my newest work and my studio – please get in touch and we will book a convenient time for your visit.


I always want to offer my clients the best, and have overhauled my conditions of sale, as follows. I know you will like this, especially the offer of free lifetime warranty.

•Free shipping
My work has to be touched, you have to feel it to experience it and appreciate it.
•100 days returns
•Free lifetime warranty
All products have a lifetime warranty. If anything breaks I’ll fix it or send you a new one for free.
•Free Cleaning & Renewing
Jewellery should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. I am offering cleaning and renewing of your piece once a year at no cost for jewellery that has been looked after, correctly worn, and loved.

I am committed to providing quality and value on the products I sell, with a risk- free 100% satisfaction guarantee. Limited exceptions apply. Read more here – Jewellery Care & Repair & Returns & Exchanges.

I hope it will encourage you to look, try and buy my inspired jewellery.

Keep positive: keep healthy! Gleam on!


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