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My Emotional Christmas Blog!



My Emotional Christmas Blog!

Some time ago I read an interesting post that jewellery has gone down in value… but not in financial value, as in this aspect it always goes up. Since ancient times jewellery has been the most coveted gift, but now people are choosing to buy technology, or experiences such as trips rather than jewellery.
I’ve been thinking about this and I think especially now, people would rather buy a new tv or comfy homewear than jewellery. And that’s totally understandable. We don’t have many possibilities to go out; nobody knows when life will get back to some kind of normality, so we think we don’t need jewellery ~ we never needed it! Much better to buy a new wider-screen tv with brighter colours which we will have plenty of time to enjoy! And it’s true. It is.
Jewellery is one of the most unnecessary things to buy: however, it has several huge advantages over the big telly. It is the most emotional article to buy or to gift. It’s that little special something that carries maximum impact. The most important events in our lives are all closely intertwined with jewellery.
Jewellery is the least essential thing that holds the most important emotions. Whatever it might be – proposal, wedding, the birth of a child, christening or naming, confirmation, birthday, graduations or gift under the Christmas tree – there is no better gift than jewellery.
Women won’t remember any gift as well as they will jewellery. And it is one of those rare things that will last for generations, and hold the memory of its original gifting. Jewellery often speaks of the history of a person or family. It locks up a fragment of the present for the future in the way that an old pair of pj’s or a huge television certainly don’t. When you wear an eternity ring your husband bought you that marked the birth of your first child, you are taken back to that life-changing time in your mind. Wearing your grandmother’s brooch means that you carry her with you for the day. And, although it is great to be comfortable around the house, don’t forget to celebrate yourself  every single day, with your choice of jewellery.

I want to thank everyone who bought that most special, most emotional and most unneeded gift ever, especially recently. I want to congratulate you for making the best gift decision ever.
Your purchase of my jewellery has been really important both emotionally and financially, for me and for others. I vowed to give a percentage of my profits away this year. Through this little scheme you have enabled 270 people to be fed, and six children from disadvantaged families will have presents to unwrap this Christmas. Thank you. I also had the possibility to invest in myself, in my business, and I could keep working on the collections. I can make this Christmas special for my children too, and I did all this just because of you. Without you I couldn’t give, couldn’t be happy and couldn’t improve and grow. Thank you very much.

Please next time you think about presents always think about jewellery. Men: bear in mind that it’s the present women never forget. And women: don’t forget to celebrate your lives.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, filled with love, joy, happiness, and those most emotional gifts – jewellery!