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Believe in your dreams: this is how the life should begin…


Believe in your dreams: this is how the life should begin…

As I have two little children I know what Christmas means to them… I know the joy they feel when they unpack presents; I know how much they wait for Father Christmas and it breaks my heart to think that some disadvantaged children don’t get to experience this great joy… I think it is very important to believe in your dreams and this is how our life should begin – that everything is possible if we really want it. That’s how we will follow our dreams later in our lives. I would love to help make this Christmas nicer for disadvantaged children and I need your help please.

With the advent of COVID-19, the number of disadvantaged children living around us has grown exponentially. I want to help the charity called BEYOND THE BOW to bring personalised Christmas gifts to children in need.

Last year over 1000 children opened gifts on Christmas Day thanks to lovely giving people. This year they have over 1500 children to find presents for…The way that the Charity works is very simple -they ask kind people to donate a Christmas gift – they give the names, age & Christmas wish of the child to you and ask that you choose the gift.

So I have decided to gift 20% of the purchases you make from now until 11th November to disadvantaged children. That means that if you spend £100 on my work (it works with the ready made pieces as well as made-to-order and commissioned pieces) you would help to buy a gift for one child for the sum of £20 or 2 children for the sum of £10. If you spend £1000, that would mean 10-20 happy children on Christmas day with presents worth £10-£20 each.

So if you were dreaming about one of my beautifully made pieces now is the great time, you not only treat yourself and support my business, but also give hope to a disadvantaged children  – that all their dreams may come true.

Hurry up – there’s not much time!


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