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My Thank You

My Thank You

Sometimes I need a lot of time for myself. To find me, to be able to create and to give, I need to get away and see the beauty around me. I had a wonderful summer – I saw lots of beauty, went to beaches, went hiking, paddle boarding. I feel like this summer I discovered so much: I found a new world; I discovered the beauty of the cliffs not just looking down from the top when hiking, but also from up from the sea when paddle boarding. I discover how vast and great they are.

Reading a book, listening to meditations, these things provide time for me to go inward.

I am finally at shows again. After 18months it’s such a great experience to see people trying on my jewellery again; it’s so lovely to see my work all displayed nicely. And to finally see customers and people again. Somehow I really feel connected to my customers. I feel huge respect for you all; I admire how you look and what kind of people you are. It feels like you are all the better versions of me.

I am in the flow. I came to the Edinburgh Show and after setting up my display I went for a walk. I couldn’t stop walking. I know Edinburgh is beautiful, but I’ve never climbed Arthur’s seat and never knew it’s so stunning. I am sitting on the hill with great scenery – sea, mountains, city – and writing to you, to thank you. I wanted to really thank you. For everything, and for everyone. There are so many people who help me, and without you all I wouldn’t be who I am, I wouldn’t have what I need to give.


I often need help . I am not good at many things; I start to panic every time I have to do lots of computer work. I panic most of the time! And everyone always helps me. I am not good at speaking about ‘nothing’ – smalltalk; I am not good at speaking for the first time… and there lots of other things I am really not good at. I feel like I can’t even say one nice sentence, I start with one thing and finish with something else …

However there are also some things I am very good at. I wouldn’t be able to be good at those things if I wouldn’t have all the help with the things I am crap at.

I am good at creating the beauty that lasts and inspires women to feel confident and beautiful. I am good at real one on one conversations about things that matter, about dreams, goals and the meaning of life… I am good at things that are real and matter (to me, at least). I am good at designing/drawing. I am good at being jeweller, at being an artist, at creating. I am passionate about creating and making jewellery, setting stones. Jewellery – the most unneeded but the most emotional purchase.

Thank you very much everyone for all your help. Everyone, you know who you are. Thank you very much for all my friends and your support, thank you for believing in me and helping me out, thank you for those who visiting the events. Thank you. Thank you very much to my parents; thank you my mum for coming and looking after my children while I am away. Thank you for my customers – without you I wouldn’t be my best self, I wouldn’t be able to give what I have best in me, I wouldn’t be able to live my purpose – to create more beauty in life.

And finally thank you very much for my family, thank you for my understanding children; thank you for my son who is only 8 years old but when I ask him not to speak with me and to give me some time to concentrate- he gives it to me! Thank you for my loving daughter. Thank you for your understanding. And finally, my husband, who always encourages me, supports me and will do whatever, really whatever it takes to help me. Thank you for believing in me. I hope one day I can thank you enough for everything you do for me, for us.