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Outrageously Gorgeous Gold

Outrageously Gorgeous Gold

Pure Gold

Pure gold never loses its lustre; it never tarnishes; it always keeps that bright, immaculate presence. But…! this is only true when we speak about pure 24 carat gold. What do I mean by that? Well, gold used in jewellery is seldom pure gold for various reasons such as softness, durability, brightness, and price etc. Other metals (alloys) are added to gold to increase the toughness and hardness of the metal, to alter the colour i.e. white gold (palladium or silver) and rose gold (copper) and in the case of lower carat gold, to lower the cost.


Carats (ct)

Each type of gold has a different purity level.
100% pure gold is 24 carats
Lower caratages contain less gold:
22 carat gold is 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts alloy
18 carat gold is 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts alloy.
14 carat gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts alloy.
9 carat gold is 9 parts pure gold and 15 parts alloy.
In UK for gold to be called ‘gold’ the lowest caratage level is 9.



Gold in its purest form doesn’t tarnish, however gold alloyed with other metals, allows some tarnish to develop over time.

The higher the level of alloy, the more likely the gold is to tarnish: it won’t look quite as bright as it once was, because the ‘foreign’ metal causes it to tarnish. Silver, copper, nickel and zinc are metals that oxidise in contact with air, and when added to gold, dull the gold’s surface. 

The smaller amount of other metal, the more the gold retains its original rich lustre.

It’s all a matter of proportion, as above ~ 


Appearance and cost

18ct gold is classic, traditional, and rich in appearance. Since 18ct gold is almost pure it is significantly more expensive than other types of gold. Compared to a 14ct gold ring, which looks similar but is not quite as bright or saturated, an 18ct ring will cost perhaps twice as much.

If you prefer luxury, durability and practicability, then 18ct gold is a great choice. 

Agneta Bugyte jewellery uses mostly 18ct yellow and white gold ~ because it’s the best gold option for my jewellery: it has the richest, most luxurious, deep colour, which looks gorgeous on black patinated silver. Also, because it’s almost pure there is a very small chance of tarnishing.



The white gold I use in my work is 18ct and has a high palladium content: this makes it whiter than 18ct white gold and it doesn’t need rhodium plating. The high palladium content it is more precious, and unlikely to tarnish, as palladium, like gold, also doesn’t tarnish. That means that your jewellery will sparkle for generations to come.

A very important factor in my work is its longevity. Pure gold dug up in mediaeval hoards has the same brilliance it had when it was buried, hundreds of years previously. It is often the silent gleam that catches the attention and excitement of the finder. 18ct gold is the best option for my jewellery. It has a rich and luxurious depth of colour, and is the optimal blend for practicality and allure.

Gold Is The Ultimate In Luxury. Solid gold jewellery is an investment that will remain glorious for your whole life, and will continue to glow for generations, so before you make a purchase it is wise to educate yourself on the different standards of gold available and bear in mind that purer gold ages beautifully! 




Don’t forget that you can always renew your jewellery if you don’t like the present look. If you own Agneta Bugyte jewellery it can be checked, polished and renewed once a year free of charge.

Want to know more about the differences of different gold purity levels? Press here to read more.



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